Catherine's Page

This is the front of the name tag I made on the first day. The front is blue with glitter and has my name on it and the sides have my nicknames on it in puffy paint.


The sides have my nicknames so: Taff, Little Bird, Pixi, and Little Bear


This was the cardboard project we did in class, I made a washing machine.

This is inside of the washing machine, it is lined and little imitation clothes are inside.


These are the envelop puppets that we made in class. My group did the three little pigs so the wolf and the three pigs were our puppets.


This is one of the two arm knitting figure eight scarves that I made.


This is the second scarf that Ii made it is a little bit bigger that the first.


This is a blanket I arm knitted, it isn't too warm but it could be used as a decorative blanket.


I cross stitched this bib throughout the semester.


I spent a couple of days playing around with calligraphy.


This was the first pillow I ever made. I like it because I put lace over plain white fabric.


Another pillow that I made.


This is a small pillow but I still like it a lot.


This is the biggest pillow I made and I really like it because I didn't have a black pillow.


This is the first stain glass piece that i made. I wanted to make it look like a moon but the glass was hard to curve so it didn't turn out exactly how i wanted it too.


This is another piece of stain glass that I made. I like these colors more than the first one I made.


This is my favorite piece of strain glass that I made. It looks really cool when held up to the light because of the different glass pieces.


I am making a chalk board for my baby brother and I wanted to add something on to personalize it for him so i painted the stars and put all of the siblings names on them.


I saw a pintrest post and i liked it a lot so I made a sign of my last name so that my sister can have it when she gets married and then she can add to it.


This is from when we dipped paper into water and nail polish to make marbled paper.


This is the shirt that I tye died. It came out better than I thought it would have.