Jill's Page

Edu 214- caligraphy.jpg
I did more calligraphy with the calligraphy pens!
Edu 214- caligraphy in book.jpg
I pasted some of my calligraphy into the book I made and did some simple drawings.

edu 214- tye dye.jpg
This is how my tye-dyed shirt turned out!!
Edu 214- printing.jpg
I did some printing of feathers and a plastic heart shape. I used purple, orange, and red paints.

edu 214- coloring.jpg
More coloring with colored pencils!
Edu 214- marbled paper.JPG
April 4th- we marbleized paper by dripping nail polish into shallow tins of water.

Edu 214- book.JPG
I made this book with cardboard, construction paper, fabric, white glue, paper, needle, and thread. I was lead through a series of steps to create it, thanks to Carolyn.
Educ 214- inside book.jpg
This is the inside of my book

educ 214- Black J.JPG
I painted this wood 'J' I bought at the store with black paint. I used modge podge and sparkles for the dots.

educ 214- coloring 2.JPG
Educ 214- coloring.JPG
I did more coloring with my colored pencils!!

March 7- I made a puppet with an envelope, markers, and hot glue. I was the baby bear in Golilocks and the Three Bears, which we acted out a short scene from for the class.
Throughout this semester, I have been knitting a scarf using size 13 knitting needles and thick black yarn.

I worked on calligraphy the day it was introduced in class. I greatly enjoyed it!
One day I colored a sheet in my coloring book with colored pencils!

J for Jill.JPG
I made a small cut out of 'J' and wrapped yarn around it. I used hot glue on the ends to keep the yarn in tact.
Educ 375-name plate.jpg
First day name plate. I used black paper to cover a block of wood, purple ribbon, glue and silver glitter. I created this megaphone because I am a cheerleader at Capital and it's a big passion of mine.

Educ 214- Cardboard house.JPG
I made a simple house out of cardboard and paints. I mounted it to a piece of wood wrapped in a green cloth, for grass. Above is the front view and below is the side/back view.
Educ 214- cardboard house 2.JPG