"OHIO" Garland
Ohio Garland Full.JPG
Ohio Garland Close Up.JPG

"HOME" Wall Art
HOME Close up.JPG

Heart Pillow
Heart Pillow.JPG

Zebra Pillow (requested by my neighbor)
Zebra Pillow.JPG

Final Pillow (as you can see, I have a slight pillow obsession...there might be more in my future)

"Birthday" Garland (I made this for my hall's combined birthday party)
BIrthday Garland.JPG

"The Bachelor" Garland (we had a viewing party for the season finale of The Bachelor)
Bachelor Garland.JPG
*side note: Lauren B won :)

Hand Puppet (this is an easy and inexpensive craft that would be good for teacher's to use when students are learning stories)
Momma Bear puppet.JPG
*my group did Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Glitter Westie

"Aztec" Type Woven Beads (and handmade loom)
Woven beads.jpg

Monogram Plaque (I made my mom for Mother's Day)
Mom Monogram.jpg

Print Making with pipe cleaners, feathers, pom-poms and a craft board (MY FAVE PROJECT BY FAR)
Print making.jpg

Tie-Dye Socks for myself and the girl I nanny, Leah (My second favorite project for sure!)
tie dye socks.jpg

Action Words Compilation
Action words poetry.jpg
I had been looking at these poetry magnets since the first week (I had the same set when I was younger) and wanted to do something with the remaining words. I tried to categorize them by part of speech and this was all the verbs.