Megan ThompsonEduc 214 Portfolio
First attempt at knitting
Materials used: blue yarn, paint brushes as needles

2nd attempt at knitting: washclothMaterials used: white yarn, knitting needles
Arm Knitting
Materials used: green yarn

Cardboard purse with accessories (wallet and mirror)Materials used: cardboard, purple ribbon, purple and glitter paint, clear tape, and hot glue
CalligraphyMaterials used: calligraphy pen and regular pen
"Alphabet Apples"Activity for students in Emergent stage of development directions:1. Give students the set of Alphabet Apples2. Ask them match the uppercase letter puzzle piece with the corresponding lower case letter puzzle piece3. Students should say the letters to themselves and put the eggs back together by matching the uppercase and lowercase formMaterials used: red construction paper, sharpie, and the di-cutter

“Hopping Frog Game"Letter Name-Alphabetic Stage Activity Directions:1. Each student selects a frog marker2. Each player takes turns spinning and moving their frog markers to the first word that matches the vowel sound on which they land (example: e-get)3. They then pronounce this word and must say another word with the same vowel sound to stay on that space4. The next player then spins and plays5. The first player to finish the lily pad course and hop a frog off the board wins!Materials used: folder, construction paper, blue/green/brown paint, mod podge, sharpie, cardboard, paper fastener

"Train Station Game"Within Word Pattern Stage Activity Directions:1. Select a game piece2. Roll die and move appropriate number of spaces3. Pronounce the word landed on and identify the vowel and say the pattern4. Say another word containing the same vowel sound to stay on the space5. Play continues in this fashion until someone reaches the station and wins!Materials used: folder, blue construction paper, sharpie, mod podge, cardboard, dice

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.09.03 AM.png
“Double Scoop”Syllables and Affixes Stage Activity Directions:2-4 Players1. On a whiteboard, create three columns. Label the columns “e-drop”, “Double”, and “No Change”2. Players put their pieces on the word “start” to begin. Player 2 (the reader) reads a sentence card and repeats the underlined word3. Player 1 (the writer) then spells the underlined word under the correct heading on the whiteboard4. Player 2 checks player 1’s answer by comparing it with the sentence card. If it’s correct, player 1 rolls the dice and moves that number of spaces on the playing board5. Play then moves to the next student who must spell and sort the underlined word given by the next player. If there are only two players, they simply switch roles6. The first player to reach the Double Scoop of ice cream WINS!Materials used: folder, construction paper, sharpie, glue stick, index cards, cardboard, dice

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“Stressbusters”Derivational Relations Stage Activity Directions1. Player one draws a card2. As students correctly identify the placement of stress, they’ll do the following: If the accent falls in the beginning syllable, the player moves 1 space; if the accent falls in the second syllable, the player moves 2 spaces; if the accent is in the third syllable, the player moves 3 spaces.3. The game continues until one player reaches the “WINNER” circle.4. Players may challenge the acceptability of accent answers by looking the word up in the dictionary to determine the accented syllable. If correct, the challenger gets to move their game piece the appropriate amount. If the player is correct and the challenger is wrong, the challenger must move back 1 space.Materials used: manilla folder, construction paper, cardboard, sharpie, index cards, glue stick, dice

Stained Glass

Pillow MakingMaterials used: cloth, thread, needle, pins, stuffing

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.14.24 AM.png
Tye-DieMaterials used: white bandana, die, rubber bands